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Rodney Taylor: Press

Featured Artist: Rodney Taylor

CD Title: Blow By Blow

Year: 2003

Record Label: Equity Records

Style: Smooth Jazz

Musicians: Rodney Taylor, Scott Cannady (production & bass), Jervonny Collier (Bass), Lew Laing (keyboards), Greg "G-Mo" Moore (guitar), Mathew Pittman (keyboards), Morris O'Connor (guitar & vocals), Warren "Nacho" Onterivos (percussion), Rogerio Jardim (vocals), Jerry Daniels (guitar), Yvette Cook (spoken vocal)

Review: Rodney Taylor’s "Blow By Blow,” is a refreshing new sound to the jazz scene. I found this CD to be nice and soulful. There were a couple of tracks that I couldn’t stop repeating such as “Ooo, Baby I Luv U”, Rodney’s smooth saxophone melodies were a welcome sound and the song just stays in your mind like the most beautiful day you’ve ever saw. The title track “Blow By Blow,” was a gifted upbeat jazz track that almost seems to speak to you.
Other tracks on the album such as “Just Want to be With You,” and “Midnight” showcased Rodney’s saxophone skills his ability to reflect every sound from soulful to funky, to sexy, to smooth. And as they say, saving the best for last “The Sweetest Dream” which is the last track on the album was by far the sweetest jazz cut that I’ve heard in a minute.
The vocal hooks that accommodate the various tracks are clever and well arranged. This album is another must have to add to your jazz collection. Don’t sleep on this jazz artist because we will definitely be hearing more from him.

Tracks: Smooth, The Mood, Blow By Blow, Ooo, Baby I Luv U, Give Me All Your Love, My Gift 2 U, Martina's Theme, Just Wanna Be With U, Give Me All Your Luv, In The Island Sun, Midnite, The Sweetest Dream
Featured Artist: Rodney Taylor

CD Title: Unwrapped for Christmas

Year: 2004

Record Label: Equity Records

Style: Contemporary Jazz

Musicians: Rodney Taylor, Andrew Carnie, Donn Wyatt, Tony Compadonico, Alaiyo Taylor (Vocals)

Review: Rodney Taylor is quickly taking the jazz industry by storm, first he gave us a feel for romance on his debut CD “Blow by Blow”, and if you didn’t add it to your jazz collection you need to do it right now, because just in time for the holiday, Rodney has delivered once again. Rodney Taylor’s Christmas CD entitled “Unwrapped For Christmas” is now my favorite Christmas CD. It goes beyond the traditional just-put-me-to-sleep-right-now Christmas music.
Unwrapped has style, it has funk, it has soul and it is awesome! If you are planning to entertain for the holidays you absolutely have to have “Unwrapped For Christmas”, in you CD changer. There are seven Christmas classics on the CD, starting with Winter Wonderland, and coming full circle with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Rodney really put his sax into it, literally speaking, the music is beautiful and you will probably still be having Christmas in July, because you will not want to take this one out of the stereo after Christmas.
Rodney Taylor’s “Unwrapped For Christmas”, is a must have for the holidays.

Tracks: Winter Wonderland, Christmas Time is Here, My Favorite Things, O Holy Night, The Christmas Song, Let It Snow, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas