From the recording Can I Blow For You

For me, my music and inspiration is very personal. Whether playing in front of thousands, an intimate few, or one person, I make it a point to connect with each and every person in the audience on one level or another. Music is also an intimate expression for me as well. In this song I share just how personal it is, by giving the world a glimpse of what happened one evening after coming home from an exhausting tour.  It was inspired by, and dedicated to my Wife, Executive Producer, biggest Cheerleader, and number on Fan, Mrs. Alaiyo Taylor.  May it also be an inspiration to You and that Special Someone in your life to love each other on an even deeper and more passionate level.


SPOKEN: You know Baby, I play in so many places and so many stages, all over this world. And I'm sure the people enjoy it, but aaaaa, tonight. But tonight, baby; I wanna play a little something; and I wanna play it just for you. I hope you like it. Chorus: Baby can I blow for you Let me blow this - horn for you Baby can I blow for you Let me blow it, baby
Special thanks to the artistry of:
Leon Bisquera - Piano
Keith Rouster - Bass