Details, Details, Details

Details make the difference.  No matter what it is you do; attention to the details is what will set you apart from the vast majority of so many others that do the same thing that you do.  Short cuts will usually backfire and you end up cutting yourself short.

As I work so diligently to bring you the best of me musically, I pay close attention to every note and nuance within this conglomerate of sound we call music.  The goal is not to make it technically perfect, but artistically sound.  With todays use of computers, it is possible to take the human quality of not being perfect right out of the music.  I think the best music has to FEEL GOOD.  Imperfections provide some of the emotion that perfection destroys.  Please don't get me wrong; we should all strive to be perfect in our artistic endeavors, but sometimes it is the absence of being perfect as an individual that is the difference between you and the next guy.  This is what we as humans feel and computers can't understand.  So remember, details, details , details... But in an artistic format.  Bottom line is, I do my best to bring you music as close to perfect as possible, but I make sure that you can feel "ME" inside what grooves you.

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